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Welcome to my Project page, where I share not just the melodies of my performances but the stories behind the scenes—narratives of projects that I've passionately crafted, organized, and brought to life. Here, my role extends beyond that of a singer; I am the creator, the organizer, and the driving force behind each endeavor.

Through these projects, I strive to redefine the role of a soprano, embracing a holistic approach that goes beyond the stage. Join me in exploring the vibrant tapestry of music, creation, and innovation that defines my journey.

C o r o N a t i o n 

CoroNation is a theatrical piece in three acts for voice, violin, accordion, double bass, electronics, a painter, and dancers. From a music-theoretical perspective, it is based on improvisation following certain rules – on improvisation with a plan, so to say, but with a plan to give structure to enable, and not one to constrain the fruitful, wild, spontaneous creativity of the performers.



Multimedia artistic performance combining music, poetry, dance and painting. "Crow" is a performance of the “Ballet Poem” composed by guitarist Dusan Bogdanovic (1990), which is based on the poetry by Ted Hughes.

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