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Teaching Approach 

If you're looking for a supportive and honest teacher, come to Aleksandra's studio. Aleksandra gives helpful feedback, pointing out what you do well and where you can improve in your singing. She takes time to notice when you make progress, making sure you see and celebrate your development.

Your singing sessions with Aleksandra are personalized. She adjusts her teaching style to match how you learn and who you are. From well-thought-out exercises to carefully chosen songs, everything is made to help you reach your specific goals. Not sure about your goals? No problem—Aleksandra will help you figure them out.

"As an educated and experienced instructor and vocalist, I provide private singing lessons to individuals of all ages, both online and in Bern."

Experiencing tension in your singing?

Experiencing tension in your singing? Aleksandra's technique revolves around body awareness. She identifies zones of muscle tension and imparts the technique of expanding the ribcage for optimal breathing efficiency. When singing becomes seamless, its inherent beauty radiates.


Vocal training, breathing exercises, work on classic repertory from baroque until 21th century, pop, rock, and jazz.

  • 30 minutes CHF 60

  • 45 minutes CHF 75

  • 60 minutes CHF 90

  • With accompaniment (pianist) 30 minutes CHF 75


  • Discount for payment in advance :

    • 10 lessons of 45 minutes CHF 690

    • 10 lessons of 60 minutes CHF 840

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